Tyler Truman Julian

I wait all day for Jeopardy!

once The Price Is Right is done
because the next show
is a soap and a bad one.
Wheel starts at 6 and I
always get the answers
wrong. So it just plays
in the background while I cook
and drink, beer
until it’s late enough to drink
something harder, and that’s maybe
after Wheel, 6:30, Jeopardy!
and that’s what I’ve waited for,
some sort of danger, and by then
I’m a little drunk and drinking whiskey,
answering answers with their questions:
What is drunk? I ask. What is loneliness?
And the answer: Experience.


Tyler Truman Julian is originally from Wyoming, though he currently resides in Mesilla, NM, with his wife. He is an MFA Candidate in New Mexico State University's fiction program and is the Managing Editor for Puerto del Sol. His work has been published in Burnt Pine Magazine, Oasis, Wyoming Magazine, Cigar City Poetry Journal, Barren Magazine, and his full-length poetry debut, Wyoming: The Next Question to Ask (to Answer), is available from Finishing Line Press. For more information, visit his website: tylertrumanjulian.com.