Stephen Scott Whitaker

From End of America Fantasmagoria Number 6

DC, circus town, summer
noun, home flags eating tourists
alive. Flags sharpen their teeth
on shoulders and backs. Nothing
gets past patriot incisors, even
at rest. The president swallows
ferris wheels, Adirondack chairs,
ice cream cones, games of dozens.
How long before the earth sinks
beneath the weight of his cousins?
A robotronix Lady waves
like a queen, a halo hello
in big bright lights, singing
out into the citydark, “Come see
the cages, they are filled
with miracles. Come see
the stage to end all stages,
Come see, come see!”


Stephen Scott Whitaker (@SScottWhitaker), a member of the National Book Critics Circle, is the managing editor for The Broadkill Review. He is the author of four chapbooks of poetry and a broadside from Broadsided Press. Mulch, his novel of weird fiction is forthcoming from Montag Press in 2019.