Nishat Ahmed

At Virginia Scenic Overlook #2

Four states lie in our tailwind,
one more to cross before we touch

the coast and you call this place home
for the next two years. Atlantic air

piques the nose with salt;
the pollen here is foreign.

I am burying your love
in me; my heart, your garden,

in bloom with wildflowers:
asters and fire-wheels, bursting

edge to edge, pennyworts
and primroses. Among the racket

of trucks and children prodding
their parents for gas station slushies,

you kiss me and car horns trumpet,
voices become bells. You’re the first real

morning; if light touching skin had a sound,
it would be my name on your tongue.

We climb back into your car,
head towards the hands of mountains.

The sun dips between their shoulders.
Everything, everywhere, a flourish of gold.


Nishat Ahmed is a Bangladeshi-American residing in the Midwest. He’s an Illinois native with a deep love for Fall Out Boy, The Notebook and Chipotle. He received his MFA in poetry from Old Dominion University. His work has been published by Words Dance, Sobotka, Mochila Review, Blue Agave, The Academy of American Poets, and has been performed at TEDxUIUC and AWP. His chapbook, “Brown Boy,” is forthcoming in late 2019 from Porkbelly Press.