Molly Likovich

A Song of Cups and String

I need to write you down. Quills, ballpoint pens, hieroglyphics, weave you
into each tapestry. You are a message meant to die

in mouths. The King beheads anyone who knows your
truth. I just need

creamy paper, your fingerprints, your irises telling me time. I forgot
how to read. I memorized your blood vessels and

poured them out like milk from my bosom. Paper-
made tombs in every color. The sky

taunted us back then. The King’s
crown, smaller now. The painters learned your curves, and

angles, and lies and passed them onto me in alabaster
jars I smashed on the first day. I learned how to find you in whispers.


Molly Likovich is a poet, educational documentarian and BookTuber. She has a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Salisbury University. She is the producer and writer of the docu-series, Hidden History, the founder and editor of the online zine, The Elephant Ladder, and her poetry has appeared in publications such as The New Mexico Review, Bluestem and Rust + Moth.