Lilia Dobos

Walking the Pulitzers (Kevin Carter, 1994)

She, naked, walks by herself,
sun-drowned. Her head above bone

shoulders above her knees and wrists you could
break with a firm handshake. She’s

walking until she collapses where the dirt
holds no moisture, and now

she’s crawling, the inevitable behind
her, two bodies hunched and waiting:

one sinks into the ground, one
prepares for flight. Like the moment before

a tsunami, when feathers meet
bone, meet skin, and the quiet

quake. He waits through
the camera lens, captures them both.


Lilia Dobos is a current Graduate Teaching Assistant studying TESOL at Salisbury University. Her other publications include Barely South Review, New Mexico Review, The Quaker and forthcoming work in Red Flag Poetry.