Lilia Dobos

Walking the Pulitzers (Hunyh Cong Út, 1973)

Inside us
the burning, burning and we stood

like trees lit up by an empty
fire, a fire we could feel in the crevices

of our fingers. Flames rained our blue-lit sky,
one then another, limbs bare and voices

barren, our skin almost-ashes in acid.
We yell through the dust

on our tongues, run on these naked
feet, on this road turned wax, and the clouds

could see it all, as if they’d spent years waiting
to squeeze their hot venom on us. How

we used to juice lemons into our mouths
from the balcony in winter.


Lilia Dobos is a current Graduate Teaching Assistant studying TESOL at Salisbury University. Her other publications include Barely South Review, New Mexico Review, The Quaker and forthcoming work in Red Flag Poetry.