Justin Runge

Peasant Dress 13

a weak wall     his weak hand
that pulled the L of it down

     a line bifurcating into hills
     I’m spending more time

alone like her     my lap
and my heavy hands in it

     I’m unsure     is the room
effaced from left to right

or created in reverse or not
enough to be spoken of

     the door     the excerpt
of hall it permits    he knows

both     neither close
     I let music visit me

like a mother checking in
on her child     right now

I’m that accidental hillside
     the one with its east in fog


Justin Runge is the author of Plainsight (New Michigan Press, 2012) and Hum Decode (Greying Ghost Press, 2014). His criticism has been featured by Black Warrior Review and Pleiades, and his poetry has been published in Best New Poets 2013, Cincinnati Review, Sycamore Review, Poetry Northwest, Salt Hill, DIAGRAM and other journals.