Cass Francis


when did i become the long letters

of a lonely woman? breathing blue
bathwater, steamy scent of blackberry

mojito & quiet air humming

through dusty vents. hearing doors
open in the hallway, footsteps

of someone who doesn’t know

i’m naked. am i supposed to prove
that i’m still alive to every ghost

that haunts my mirrors?

can they swallow these questions
deep enough to condense them

into the thunderclouds of my dreams?

one day i will find a wall to walk on.
peace in the thread of a ribbon.

the stamp of a thousand miles.


Cass Francis is a graduate of the Arkansas Writers MFA Program and currently attends Texas Tech University. She was born and raised and now lives in Texas. Her work appears or is forthcoming in EcoTheo Review, Drunk Monkeys and elsewhere. She can be found on Instagram and Twitter @WriterCFrancis.