Cass Francis

After Watching The Lobster

for too long i have been a beast,
greeting neighbors i only know
as numbers glued to unfamiliar
doors. i too am shortsighted
when it comes to the pairings
of the universe, the way dancers
find each other’s arms. how
does one become outstretched,
secure in the right lie, the shared
hope. i can’t count on one hand
those i would be willing to blind
myself for. i can count every atom,
multiplying myself until each neuron
& nerve ending is matched, & still
find no hand in the darkness, no
hoof or claw to carve my way.


Cass Francis is a graduate of the Arkansas Writers MFA Program and currently attends Texas Tech University. She was born and raised and now lives in Texas. Her work appears or is forthcoming in EcoTheo Review, Drunk Monkeys and elsewhere. She can be found on Instagram and Twitter @WriterCFrancis.