Adam D. Weeks

Penultimate Letter

“but then you say look
and the earth is coming back”
–Chloe N. Clark

I’m sure I’ve said too much, cracked
the speakers with the back of my throat—
then again, a bird can’t help

but sing in the morning. If I promise to keep
a little    quieter, will you stay
to see the early    light

in my eyes? If I say I can’t    stop my shaking
hands and you tell me to try (a little
harder), could we call it    love and blunt

this burning   in the grass?
See, some girls, they want
to collect    their men
, and me, I want to be

clovers tacked     to your dash.
Maybe if I stretch myself
into longer notes and chords you’ll lip

the words we wrote together.
Maybe if you count
your little fingers
while I keep the rain above

your head, you’ll see      how much I can hold
in the broad of my palm.


Adam D. Weeks is a junior undergraduate student studying creative writing at Salisbury University. He has poems published in Asterism and a poem forthcoming in Prairie Margins. He also has a fiction piece published in The Scarab.